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The 1995 Land Rover Range Rover was the last year of the Range Rover's first generation of production. The luxury SUV came available in two trim levels: the base Country Classic model and the higher-end and slightly more powerful 4.0 SE model. The first generation of the Range Rover paved the way in the consumer market for a luxury off-road vehicle, which remains a fast-growing vehicle segment today.

Engine and Drivetrain
The Country Classic Range Rover features a 3.9-liter V8 engine that produces 182 horsepower and 232 pound-feet of torque. The gasoline engine has a displacement of 3949 cc, a 3.7-inch bore and 2.8-inch stroke. It is naturally aspirated and has a 9.4-to-1 compression ration. The 4.0 SE Range Rover features a 3.9-liter V8 engine that produces 190 peak horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque. It shares the same displacement and bore and stroke measurements as the Country Classic engine, but has a 9.3-to-1 compression ratio. Both engines came mated to a four-speed automatic transmission.

Interior Specifications
Both trim levels of the Range Rover offer standard seating for five passengers. Those seated in the front receive 38.4 inches of headroom in the Country Classic and 38.1 inches of headroom in the 4.0 SE. Rear passengers receive roughly the same amount of headroom, at 37.3 inches. The front legroom in the Country Classic is 41 inches, and 42.6 inches in the 4.0 SE model. Rear passengers receive 32.7 inches of legroom in the Country Classic and 36.5 inches of legroom in the more spacious 4.0 SE model.

Exterior Dimensions and Specs
The exterior dimensions of the Range Rover differ slightly between the Country Classic and 4.0 SE models. Both have four doors, but the 4.0 SE weighs about 500 pounds more than the Country Classic. The body of the Country Classic model carries a 4,401-pound curb weight, has a total length of 175 inches, a wheelbase of 100 inches, a 71.4-inch width and a height of 70.8 inches. The 4.0 SE model's curb weight is 4,960 pounds. It has a length of 185.6 inches and a 108.1-inch wheelbase. Its height is 71.6 inches, while its width measures 74.4 inches.