The UK design consultancy Design Q has brought their expertise in private jet design on to the roads. Now, one can have all the perks of a private jet in their very own car! Famous for its futuristic aircraft designs, the company is now planning to create a niche for itself in the luxury car business. It might just be successful, as its latest design is superb!

One can now enjoy things like a mini spa centre, cigar humidor, and a beverage chiller among many other facilities. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Remember that all this will be in your car! The Q-VR Range Rover is designed along the private jet lines, and will surely transform VIP travel in the Middle East.

All these extremely desirable features are just an addition. All these embellishments did not come about by sacrificing the speed and performance of the car. Considering that the Design Q specializes in aircrafts, one can be sure that the speed would definitely not be bad.

They have always amalgamated luxury and speed with ease, and this time will be no exception. With its comfortable reclinable seats, the Rover will certainly offer a very very pleasant ride.